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Tips to Make Your Move Successful

Plan Ahead:

  • Book your move as early as possible to insure that the mover of your choice is available.

  • Try to have a mental picture of where you would like things to go in their new location. Better yet, a floor plan will offer the best results especially for commercial moves.


  • Use caution when packing, use plenty of loose packing material.

  • Do not overstuff boxes, this prevents them from splitting during the move.

  • Be considerate of weight. Books, for example, are extremely heavy if they are packed in too large of a box additional persons or equipment may be necessary to move them which will slow things down.

  • Use sturdy, reliable boxes and don't be afraid to use an extra piece of tape when sealing the bottom.

  • Label everything so that the mover knows exactly where things are to go in their destination.


  • Have your new phone turned on before the day of the move and your old one turned off the day after. Inevitably someone will need to make a phone call.

  • Provide a safe place for pets out of the moving area, they can be injured if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Disconnect stereo or television equipment, in advance to save time moving day.

  • Remember, any items loaded last, will be the first items to be unloaded from the truck. The following are a few items to consider loading last so they are the first off the truck. If you are moving an automobile, these and other essential items can be put into it, making them easy to locate.

    • Blankets, pillows and sheets

    • A box of toys for the children

    • Light bulbs for the new house

    • Cleaning products

  • Since most kitchen items will be packed the first day, plan to eat out the first night of packing if your move is going to take more than one day to pack and load.

  • Because we cannot guarantee the exact time we will finish loading your goods, do not make flight reservations on any of the days that you are scheduled to be at the residence.

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